Our Story

Hi, I’m Keith Kerr,

Along with my awesome team, we support people to reach their financial dreams.

My philosophy is simple – I want to help you find financial freedom in the easiest way possible for you. I love helping people achieve what they want from life.

This includes:

  • Helping find a suitable mortgage for someone who has been turned down in the past because of their complex situation.
  • Seeing a structure that will help someone save years on their mortgage.
  • Showing people how to visualise a future then put a plan in place to realise that dream.
  • Protecting the downside (however boring it can be) that people miss, which I have seen save lives – it’s very motivating.

​I’m a Registered Financial Adviser, so you can be sure I’ll always look out for your needs. I have a “clients for life” philosophy, and I’ll always do the right thing by you. So even if I can’t find you a loan to suit your needs, you can at least enjoy some expert advice from someone who’s been in the mortgage business for over two decades.

​​It all starts with a conversation – a discovery call. Let me listen, understand and apply my years of experience to your situation to help you get further – faster.

Kia Ora, I’m Izak van der Merwe,


Having experienced my own ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ experience in my life, I have always had a passion for finance and understanding money to be a tool that you can use to create choices and ultimately more freedom. Having experience on both sides of the table, I want nothing more than to see my clients experience the same joy of having a clear path to financial freedom and watching the pieces come together! 

I come from a background in running a commercial photography business, so I am well versed in the highs and lows of being a small business owner, I know many of our clients are all too familiar with. Starting as a client of the Financial Solutionz, my wife and I used the tools and principles to build our wealth young. Homeowners at 23 and soon after, investment property owners, we have seen the real-life effects of following the proven Financial Solutionz system.

Focusing on home loan advise, I bring a relatable and approachable way of working. I’m focused on helping clients reach success with their home loans, while understanding that we are all human and our stories are distinct and unique!

I’m always happy to take a phone call or grab a coffee if you want to chat through your unique situation and how we at Financial Solutionz, can guide you to success!