Are you worried about running out of money in retirement?

Do you feel you’re winging your retirement? Do you know how much you will need each year of retirement? Is your property portfolio in a healthy position (if you have one)? You can live the life you want – it’s just about making sure you get started ASAP.

Will you have enough to last you 20, 30, or 40 years into retirement?

Are you hoping the government will look after you alone?

Are all your retirement funds tied up in a house?

Do you have a clear vision of what retirement will look like for you?

Having worked in the industry for 31 years and helped thousands of people with their retirement plan, I have heard all these questions and many more that you may not have even thought about.

My goal is to help you be prepared for when you are ready to enjoy your retirement.

A plan to suit your lifestyle

Everybody has different retirement needs. Even if retirement seems a lifetime away, it is worth starting planning for it earlier in life rather than later. A good way to start planning is to think about what your goals will be when you retire.

Do you want to explore new places, take up a new hobby, joining clubs or going out to restaurants and shows?

My goal is to help you plan for your future retirement. Together we can take an indepth look at your finances to work out how to make you debt free faster so that you will have extra money to do all the things you love.

Meet James & Lynda

James & Lynda were your average family with 1 child who was leaving home. They had just reached their mid 40’s and were starting to think about a retirement plan.

Once they retire, they would like to travel more and take up some new hobbies they don’t have the time to pursue just yet. However, they are still paying for their mortgage and they worried they would not be able to save much cash.

We took some time to look at their finances and to understand what their goals would be when they finally will be off work. We set up a new mortgage plan so they can now repay their mortgage 4 years faster, which will allow them to have more spending money available to fulfill their future plans.

Ready to discover if Keith & the team can help you?

Our initial conversation is short and sweet. I know your time is valuable (like mine) and we will quickly decide if I can help you on your journey to success. At the end of the call, we will either start our 5 process or I will point you in the right direction.

Happy Clients

Wow what an awesome home loan you got for me, never thought it would be that simple; you did everything for me after I gave you all my details and information. Thanks so much Keith, you made what I thought was going to be tough, really easy.
D. Allen


I would highly recommend Keith's services to anyone looking at purchasing property and found him to be personable, friendly and extremely professional. Keith managed all of my affairs in a highly efficient manner and he always made himself available to answer questions and provide further advice when asked. The entire process was stress-free and I now happily own my first property, all without any undue hassles, thanks to Keith.

I would therefore happily recommend Keith's services and could not have asked for a more professional and knowledgeable broker to act on my behalf.
Kylie B.


Many thanks for the emailed detail and information, yet another example of the great service from Keith and his office. I will have no hesitation in recommending Keith to friends and family. Many Thanks
M. Hope

Te Atatu

The next step, to peace of mind…

Every client we talk to is different. Different challenges & different dreams. Take advantage of our FREE no-obligation Discovery Session. We will have a good comprehensive chat to address your specific needs and goals.

We will cover several points including:

  • What debt structure will pay any loans or mortgages off the fastest.
  • How to plan for a thriving retirement, not just a surviving retirement.
  • Making sure you have the key downsides covered (that does not always mean insurance).
  • Discuss what your legacy could look like.
  • Answer any questions that have been weighing on your mind.

Keith will conduct the sessions (15 minute & 1 hour sessions), which are normally valued at $200. However, we are offering the sessions FREE to people that are serious about wanting to get the best out of their finances.

These are no-obligation sessions. If we can help you it could change your life for the better - if not you will walk away being more informed.

Keith Kerr, A future member of your team

Keith started life fascinated by how wealth worked. From an early age, he dove into books like ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, learning what it took to create wealth.

Over the last 31 years, he has refined his process and not just helped people get into their first home or pay down their home loan quicker.

He realised people had to manage debt smartly, protect the downside and plan for the long run - early.

Frequently asked questions

Where are you based & do you work with people all over New Zealand?
We are based on Auckland’s, North Shore but work with clients across New Zealand using Zoom Conferences. Whether you are in Bluff or down the road - we can help.
What if I already have a home loan, insurance or a retirement scheme with a bank?
That is 100% fine - We are able to to assess what you have already and see if it fits your overall needs. We can also make sure what you think you have is correct. We read the fine print to help you get a better understanding.
Why should I trust you?
With over 31 years of experience, Keith has seen a lot. His friendly but direct nature will both guide and empower you to fulfil you true aspirations. Learn more about Keith & his team here.